Our practice has written numerous reports that are compliant with the relevant laws and procedures for the purposes of the Criminal proceedings, Civil litigation, Coroner’s Inquest, Family/Children proceedings..

We have also given expert evidence under cross-examination at the Courts and Tribunals.

Expert Witness Services

  • Criminal Proceedings
    • Mental state at time of offence
    • Culpability
    • Insanity defence
    • Diminished responsibility
    • Fitness to pleed / to stand trial
    • Sentencing and disposal options
  • Civil Litigation
    • Clinical negligence
    • Psychological injury compensation claims
    • Capacity assessment
      • Testamentary capacity
      • Contractual capacity
  • Coroner Inquest
    • Suicide inquest
  • Child & Family Proceedings
    • Parental capacity to participate in proceedings
    • Parental fitness / Child custody

Areas of Expertise

  • Schizophrenia and other Psychotic disorders
  • Bipolar Affective Disorder, Depression and Anxiety disorders
  • PTSD; OCD & Stress-related conditions
  • Adult Personality and Behaviour problems
  • Mentally Disordered Offenders
  • Risk Assessment/management – suicide, violence, etc.
  • Drugs/Alcohol related disorders

Expert Witness Services

Medico-legal Consulting and Expert Witness Practice since 2008

Appointment time

2-4 weeks upon receipt of letter of instruction; report completed within 2-4 weeks after interview/examination; in urgent cases, examination and report done within days.


Consultations & interviews are available in consulting rooms in Hampshire and other areas, Solicitors office, prisons and detention centres or client’s home.

Terms of engagement

Available on request.

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I have been using Dr Bekoe from Southampton for most of my recent cases as I find his reports very quick, very thorough and of a high standard for use in Court work.


I am pleased to say that the Prosecution have finally seen that this whole prosecution is a nonsense and that they have agreed to discontinue it [the trial]. This is based entirely upon your Report and the opinion that you expressed about Mr H mental abilities in September 2016. I am therefore very grateful to you for your report as it was clearly crucial in persuading the Prosecution, even it took them longer than it should have done, to decide that Mr H should not be prosecuted.


Your report was most helpful. It was a model of clarity, brevity and relevance to the statutory criteria we must apply. Most of us have seen several of your reports over the years and all reach the same high standard … We also want to comment on your performance at the Panel hearing itself. Your response to our questions was courteous and good-humoured. You took pains to explain the complexities of the patient's condition in a digestible and informative way.

[Barrister, Tribunal panel chair]

We really do appreciate the excellent service you provide us at all times, and you often go above and beyond in helping us deliver work at the highest standard. A very recent example of this was highlighted by how quickly you were able to turnaround your high-quality report in the case of R v HJ. This is just one example of how you have delivered excellence...

[Head of Casework, Instructing Agency]


Medico-legal Consulting and Expert Witness Practice since 2008. Our Expert Witness services include Criminal proceedings, Civil litigation, Coroner’s Inquest, Family/Children proceedings.

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